What we do

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Industrial Applications

Drones (UAV or UAS or SUAS) in any industrial field just make sense.

When hazardous elements are present, and a solution exists that also makes financial sense as well as human safety and efficiency production - it is the logical step forward into the future.

From Energy to Telecommunications, Mining and Construction, Farmers Livestock/Fields or Search and Rescue - the applications are endless

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Cinematic Productions

Using a Zenmuse x7 and Inspire 2 Drone, there is no production our specs will not meet. Able to shoot in Cine DNG at 6k or Pro Res at 5.2k - smaller formats available as well. 24 MP Still images with Raw Burst capability and 14 stop of dynamic range and a Super 35mm sensor, the camera is amazing for any application. 

Aerial Progress Contracts

3D rendered model of a building in Vint Hill

3D rendered model of a building in Vint Hill

Its like having a private satellite able to look down on a given site (Open pit mine, Data Center, Construction Site, Survey Property, Road Works, or even a Farm) and stitching together hundreds of photos. Once stitched together, Photogrammetry comes into play, being able to make measurements based off the photos and GPS system readings we are able to make maps with a quality of 1 pixel per 1 inch and even more - taking measurements such as volume or distance has literally never been easier, more efficient or accurate in human history. Not only that but all this data is sharable with the entire Project Management Team and all relevant team members through a cloud based server and program that has all of these tools built in.

There is really to much to this to put into a paragraph - we do presentations and would love to show your company how this works and the possibilities -

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Pricing Guidelines + Service Areas

We serve Virginia - West Virginia - North Carolina. We are looking for more Commercial or Industrial contracts in the area of Loudoun - Fairfax - Prince William - Southern Maryland - Fauquier. Cinematic Productions and Industrial Inspections we are looking for contracts or to help other pilots fulfill their contracts along the East Coast of the US.

For local Realtors: 500$ for video and photo files - 650$ for edited video/photos - camera specs

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