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Our tools...

The Inspire 2 coupled with the Zenmuse X7 and its Super 35mm Sensor is hands down the best camera in the drone game right now. 24MP stills with the ability to film in Cine DNG or Apple Pro res, at 6k and 5.2k respectively. We can accommodate any professional production.

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In 2018 we will be focusing on more specific sectors and industries. We will be working in the Industrial, Construction Progress, and Special Events such as Weddings or Production Sets. First and foremost we are a Drone Service Provider, meaning, we fly drones, you supply the experts to analyze the data but in 2018 we are looking to hire a few experts on retainer to analyze the data also and be able to give our clients full, validated and expertly analyzed data and reports. Drones are not going anywhere, and it makes sense from a financial and a safety standpoint to hire drone operators to go into hazardous places or to inspect a power line instead of sending a helicopter crew.

We are a small company but can scale with any operation. We have a network of pilots across the country but Altitude Adjustment LLC is based in Northern Virginia, Fauquier County.